What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favourites is in full swing, and already, the Fans are proving themselves to be an impressive bunch of hopeful home cooks.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

Daniel Lamble is one of the hopeful home cooks who’s aiming to cook his way right up to the final.

It’s a stiff competition, with powerhouse chefs like season one winner Julie Goodwin and global star Sarah Todd returning to the MasterChef Australia kitchen among the favourites, but Lamble thinks he has what it takes to win over the judges.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

In a Q&A with The Latch, Lamble described himself as “fairly easy going” and said that he doesn’t like to “take life too seriously”, which will hopefully translate into being able to work well under the immense pressure of the MasterChef Australia kitchen!

Lamble said that his favourite food memory comes from his childhood.

“I remember camping near the beach and dad cooking up what we’d catch that day,” he recalled, adding: “I was always interested in cooking, but I remember having his chilli mudcrab and that was the first dish I asked him to teach me.”

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

“Nothing beats a good feed on the beach after a day of fishing,” he said.

Lamble said while it’s “really hard” to pick a favourite judge from Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo, Allen is his favourite, because he finds him “the most relatable” and enjoys his sense of humour.

Outside of the kitchen, Lamble works as a firefighter, a career he’s been in “for five years now”.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

“I work with the best group of people and am very lucky that everyone at the Fire Service has been very supportive of me doing this,” he shared.

Lamble often prepares lunch and dinner for his coworkers, and credits his father for teaching him the foundations of cooking. Anything more advanced than that, he said, likely comes from YouTube videos and television cooking programs, like MasterChef.

Raised in Katherine, Lamble’s hobbies include “rugby, fishing and camping,” or, “anything that can be enjoyed with an ice-cold beer” and his partner of seven years, Kassie.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

“I just love hanging out with the people I love and enjoying life,” he said.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

In a world post-MasterChef, Lamble’s dream is to take to the open road with Kassie and their two dogs, Nala and Hades, and host pop-up restaurants in food trucks across Australia.

MasterChef Australia airs at 7.30pm Sunday-Thursdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

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The minute I heard him I knew something was weird. He seems like such a typical "frat guy" right? Exactly. No one actually acts like that in real life, especially after graduating. And the way he does it makes it seem to me like it's not genuine, or like he's trying too hard to be the "frat guy." Of course he could just be playing that up to give him a unique persona, but there's more evidence against it. First off, it seemed like his battle was won unfairly (IMO), but that's a weak point. And his passion for cooking? "Because it's the best way to get the ladies into the bedroom." That's BS. Then in episode 3, the way Gordon criticized his fish reinforced my idea that he's just there for Gordon to male fun of to add appeal to the show. And of course his horrible dish didn't even get him in the bottom 2. So after episode 3, I took the time to look this guy up: Dan Paustian. And guess what I found on his Facebook. He's a damn actor. But here's the real kicker: check out his Linkedin profile. "TV Development Intern, NBCUniversal, Inc. May 2013 – Present (3 years 2 months). Put 2 and 2 together. All of this adds up to lead me to believe that he will stay on the show until it gets "serious," at which point he will be taken off the show for a bad dish. But anyways, that's just my thoughts. Thanks

The middle of three boys, Daniel Lamble was raised in a close-knit family and says they, together with his partner of seven years Kassie, remain the most important part of his life. Raised in Katherine, his childhood was spent in the epic bushland of the Northern Territory, regularly camping and fishing.

At the age of 13 Daniel and his family moved three hours north to Darwin which he admits felt like a huge city. With Darwin came his rugby community, coastal fishing and epic sunsets, all cementing his love for the Territory.

After finishing high school Daniel worked in the mines as a FIFO worker for three years before landing his dream job as a firefighter.

Routinely tasked with preparing lunch and dinner for his fellow fireys, Daniel credits his dad with teaching him the basics, and anything more advanced from YouTube videos and television cooking programs.

Citing Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal and Josh Niland as some of his culinary idols, Daniel most enjoys creating Asian flavoured soups with fresh and vibrant ingredients. He also enjoys the primitive and unique experience of cooking over an open flame, and using smoke and coals.

With a flavour for savoury cooking, Daniel knows he may need to work on his sweet skills to remain in the game, and describes his style of cooking as rustic.

With a penchant for board games and costume parties, Daniel dreams of one day hitting the open road with Kassie and two dogs Nala and Hades, hosting pop up restaurants from a food truck in small towns across Australia.

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What happened to Dan from MasterChef season 7

Growing up, he spent his days camping and fishing before he moved to Darwin at the age of 13 – an unfamiliar, bustling city where he felt like "a little fish in a big pond". 

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But his love for fishing was able to continue, and it's what sparked his curiosity for cooking.

"The biggest thing I love about fishing is getting the opportunity to catch something and make something out of that," he explained during an interview on 10 Play. 

"It's sort of drilled into me by my old man that you only kill what you can eat," he added. "That was something that sparked a bit of the interest in fish. Catching something and trying to use as much of that fish as I can." 

After developing a "keen interest in cooking," Lamble was able to make dinner for his family one night of the week – and that's where he began to experiment. 

"I would start doing crazy things," he explained. "I would say I am somewhat of an experimental cook. I like to take methods and ingredients that are already in other cuisines and see how I can modernise it or bring it in with local ingredients."

Lamble developed his skill by following YouTube instructional videos and cooking shows on TV.

Listen to Mia Freedman's interview with MasterChef judge Jack Zonfrillo on No Filter. Post continues after audio.

After a three-year stint working in the mines as a FIFO worker, Lamble landed his 'dream job' as a firefighter. Working alongside other firefighters also allowed him to explore his love for cooking even more. 

"When I joined the firies, every shift we'd do the station cook ups," he explained. "That's where it sort of gave me a lot of opportunity to experiment and try different things."

Lamble added: "Feeding people is definitely what's inspired me to get into cooking the most. I love being able to provide everyone with a good feed."

Along with his love for cooking and family, he also found love in his partner of seven years, Kassie. 

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"So proud of you, babe, for always chasing down your dreams," she wrote in a post dedicated to Lamble's MasterChef journey. "Also super proud of you for dating me (an icon)... Thanks for the amazing feed."

Lamble knew he had to try his hand at MasterChef, and after applying, he landed a spot on Season 14's Fans & Favourites.

The firie explained he felt he had to give the show a go. 

"The reason I'm doing MasterChef is because I had a bit of a realisation that one day I might wake up and regret the fact that I didn't give it a crack," he said. 

It's a good thing he did, as Lamble has managed to leave his mark throughout the competition and land himself a spot in the Top 4.

"I didn't expect to make it past the Top 24, but I made it here," he said. "Honestly, I'm proud as punch."

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From Grilled Smoky Oysters, to a Mindil Sunset and a Roast Guinea Fowl, the cook has gone from one high to another, and he's been able to implement his good sense of humour along the way as well. 

While the future remains uncertain for Lamble, it will surely be bright. 

"In the future, I'd love to get a pop up food van and travel around Australia and document my travels at all the different areas around Australia and reflect the produce that is around this great country," he said.

"I'm proud as punch to be given this opportunity. MasterChef has definitely changed my life. It's going to open up so many different doors."

Feature Image: Instagram @_instalamb.

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