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The uses for enchanted golden apples in Minecraft



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Enchanted golden apples in Minecraft are a powerful food item that are incredibly rare and hard to come by in modern Minecraft.

When it comes to Minecraft, there are some items that are more powerful and rarer than others. An item of that nature that immediately comes to mind is the enchanted golden apple.


This food item remains one of the most powerful in the entire game, and it grants buffs and boons to players who consume it. However, getting one of these special apples in some of the modern versions is the tricky part.

They can only be acquired through a handful of chests that naturally generate in structures found throughout Minecraft. Once a players acquires and uses one though, they will be able to witness their power firsthand and earn a celebratory achievement if playing on Bedrock Edition.

This article breaks down how players can obtain an enchanted golden apple in Minecraft.

The uses for enchanted golden apples in Minecraft


Enchanted golden apples also endearingly referred to as Notch apples or god apples, known to be exceptionally overpowered in Minecraft. As a result, they were nerfed and have had their power drastically decreased.

Minecraft players also used to be able to craft these items with a single apple and eight gold blocks at a crafting table. In today's Minecraft, these special apples are not craftable and have to be found out in the world.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the only places that players can find enchanted golden apples are inside of chests found inside of or near dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, ruined portals, and woodland mansions. Java Edition Minecraft players can also obtain enchanted golden apples from treasure chests in Bastion Remnants.

Hunting down these structures and hoping that one of these special apples are inside of a chest, is the only way to acquire an enchanted golden apple under normal conditions.


Minecraft players can still access this item through the creative mode inventory or by using console comamnds, but using one of these methods defeats the purpose of the item's rarity.

The achievement "Overpowered" also become unobtainable on any game world where cheats have been enabled.

Eating an enchanted golden apple restores four hunger and grants the following status effects:

  • Absorbtion IV (2 minutes)
  • Regeneration II (20 seconds in Java Edition or 30 seconds in Bedrock Edition)
  • Fire Resistance (5 minutes)
  • Resistance (5 minutes)

These effects are less powerful than they used to be, but still grant some hefty magical boons.


These special apples can also be used to amplify the odds of taming a horse by ten percent, breeding horses, and for speeding up the growth of baby horses by about four minutes.

It is not recommended that players use their precious enchanted golden apples to perform any of these activities however, because they are so rare.

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Like a lot of gold items in the game, piglins will be attracted to any enchanted golden apple on the ground and pursue them.

As a last fun bit of information, a banner with the Mojang logo can be crafted in Minecraft by combining a piece of paper and an enchanted golden apple in a crafting window.


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