Is Big Chief done with Street Outlaws?

When we Google “Street Outlaws: Fastest in America,” the description goes as follows: “Eight of the fastest teams in the U.S. descend on Memphis to compete for the biggest street race yet, for a prize of $100,000.”

However, lots of fans have noticed that the 405 hasn’t been present on the show. Oklahoma City is widely regarded as the street racing hub of the world. Everyone has their opinion and some might not agree that the 405 is the fastest area code. However, discluding them from the list of the most prominent areas for racing would be downright asinine.

Apparently, the powers behind the show decided that this would be the way that things would go, though. The 405 wasn’t to be invited to compete to be “The Fastest in America.”

Along the way, it turns out that a couple of guys from the 405 caught wind of the production. It surely was an odd set of circumstances. Apparently, leading up to the show, the 405 was given no direct communication that the show was even going to happen. It seems like they only found out about it because of a chance Facebook encounters.

This time, an interview from Sim ABCXYZ on YouTube dives into how it all went down. We could see something like this coming down to a situation where people didn’t see eye to eye on details. However, the fact that the 405 didn’t even know what was happening is pretty odd. It really stood to create a situation where the fans wanted answers.

In the interview, Big Chief reminds us that he can only speak for himself. What he does say, though, is that he was never really approached about the show at first. When he did catch wind of it through a post on the DNR Auto Facebook page looking for racers, he was ready to sign up. Little did he know that the race was a Discovery Channel production.

Eventually, an invite was extended but then things just seemed to get crazier. There are too many ins and outs here to explain them all. Therefore, we will leave it to Chief in the video below to lay out exactly what happened.

I have said 100% why i left television. Some folks just cant seem to accept the fact that there isnt one specific situation or scenario or person to blame it on...Lifechanging things like this dont happen because of one little thing that could be addressed or dealt with. The bottom line is that i wasnt happy with the end product and it was a culmination of things, over a few year span that ended with me being (once again) expected to defend bullshit competition rules and decisions that effectively changed the racing style and format of the entire franchise (decisions that i nor the other racers had any part in making and quite frankly decisions i and most others didnt agree with).

[...] There hasnt been any new Big Chief/Street Outlaws content in months...and there wont be any for the foreseeable future. I dont want to work in television anymore (doesnt matter what tv show/network etc) everyday less people watch tv and every day the networks make less money than they did the day before, so its all just a super quick moneygrab to get as much of it as they can before its inevitably over. That's not me. I just want to race and goof off with my hot rods making fun interesting content for anyone that will watch it lol, while building my own brand i can be proud of... No more, no less.......

From the comment section on this video:

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street Outlaws legend Justin “Big Chief” Shearer said during an appearance on Chris “Limpy” Collins’ Facebook Live show that he will only come back for the original Street Outlaws show. Big Chief departed the show earlier this year.

Big Chief was part of the original cast that began filming for the Street Outlaws Oklahoma City show. The 405 show has been on the Discovery Channel for the last decade.

Is Big Chief done with Street Outlaws?
Justin “Big Chief” Shearer getting ready to make a pass in his race car (Photo by Justin Shearer/Instagram)

“I’m pretty much here,” he said late in the appearance. “I’m pretty much doing my own thing. The 405 show would be the only way if it was something different. That one means so much but it only means so much if it’s the same thing. If it’s not then it doesn’t mean sh*t to me.”

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In January, Big Chief left the show. While the teams were filming America’s List in Texas after the New Year, Big Chief was there.

However, there was an issue with Jonathan “JJ DaBoss” Day. Plus, Chief’s girlfriend Jackie Braasch argued with Precious Cooper, which led the couple to leave Texas without making an appearance on the show.

Since then, there has been so much speculation about Big Chief and what’s next. He says that he’s going to race – and only focus on big tire racing.

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Without Big Chief there, Pilgrim Studios and Executive Producer Sam Korkis turned to Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington to be the race master. Jeff Lutz is serving as the flagger in the new show that was filmed from January to February in Texas.

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It appears like he’s done on Street Outlaws unless something changes in the future.

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Is Big Chief done with Street Outlaws?
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