I look fat when I sit down Reddit

Guys with abs when you sit down how much fatter does it look? from moreplatesmoredates
Is it normal to have rolls on the belly when you sit? from TooAfraidToAsk

I'm pretty skinny, at least weight wise. I'm actually close to being a bit underweight. However, I still have rolls when I sit down or bend over. My stomach also tends to get bigger. My stomach is flat when I stand though. Is this all normal? If not, how would I get rid of it?

Hey folks,

I just saw this image: http://imgur.com/Sg9DEj5 and it made me feel a little bit better... For years I was always conscious of what I look like when I sit down - I feel incredibly fat!

I've been training for a few years now, have low body fat, can see my abs when flexing etc etc. But again, the moment I sit down, I want to wear a Tshirt.

I see dudes who sit and nothing seems to happen -- Is there any reason to this? Even lower body fat? Genetics?

Cheers guys!

When I'm standing, my stomach is reasonably defined. If I flex, I can see my abs. But once I sit, it feels like I've suddenly gained 5lbs of pure fat, and it's so discouraging! It's also the same with my thighs!

I wanna apologize if this comes off as creepy but I am really curious as to how developed abs looks like when it is scrunched up. The reason I am curious is because I've recently developed some (barely) visible abs that can only be seen when I'm standing but when I sit down, I turn into this guy :(

EDIT: I posted this and went to sleep thinking maybe I'll get a few pics if I'm lucky when I woke up...you guys are incredible. mfw I woke up to all these pics (and karma)

Thanks for the honesty guys I really appreciate it.

EDIT 2: TIL no matter how metal our abs look, it always flop over a little. :D

EDIT 3: At the request of /u/moleratical and /u/fhghg, here I am standing tensed and here I am sitting.

Forrealz Sitting + Sitting with better posture. If possible, I'd love some constructive criticism.

As the title says. When I stand up, it's pretty much flat. But when sitting down with my back straight, it becomes a big lump of fat. It's uncomfortable as fuck. Can I do anything about it? Should I just cut fat? It's kind of strange how most of my fat is concentrated in my lower stomach.

Whenever I sit down I feel like I weigh twice the amount I usually do. My belly also looks so damm massive. What’s up with that?

I'm 5'4 and about 140lbs and my measurements are 38-29-39. I know I have some weight to lose but when I stand up my abdomen is basically flat and sitting down it looks huge and soooo unattractive. Has anybody had this problem and how can I fix it?