How do you sell BNB?

How do you sell BNB?

How to sell Binance Coin BNB in Nigeria

You have Binance Coin (BNB) which you wish to sell but you do not know how to go about doing that, here is a tutorial on How to sell Binance Coin BNB in Nigeria and get paid with Naira into your bank account.
  • Register on or login if already registered. As a logged in user, navigate to the homepage
  • Scroll among all the coins listed until you find Binance Coin with the symbol BNB
  • Click on it to expand it, and you will find other options such as BUY, SELL and Calculator.
  • Click on SELL BNB. This expands a form you need to fill
  • Select the appropriate network such as TRC20, BEP20BSC, ERC20, BEP2 or as the case may be.
  • Enter the exact volume of Binance Coin you wish to sell (excluding any fees your wallet may charge you). You can also decide to run your calculations in Naira or USD by changing the unit button just beside the volume. For example, if you switch the unit from BNB to Naira and type 7800, then we assume you wish to receive N7,800 and will show you how much Binance Coin to send. The same applies to USD and BNB
  • Enter your bank account details where you will be paid. It must be a Nigerian bank account that you own, so that you can confirm that you have been paid
  • Read the estimated amount shown to you and then Click on the ACCEPT button.
  • You are shown a page with detailed instructions on how to send the required amount of Binance Coin to a given wallet address. Please ensure you are sending using the correct network wallet address. In some cases, some wallets may require optional memo or tag, please also enter that when given.
  • Go to your wallet, send the required value to the given wallet address and screenshot the receipt given to you
  • Return to your order on Nairafinex and scroll down to upload receipt. If you cannot find your order or have left the page, simply click on the profile icon, Dashboard and locate all your pending orders.
  • Once the Binance Coin you sent gets the required number of network confirmations, you will be paid. Note that in curcumstances where there is delay in receiving your Binance Coin with the required confirmation, the prevalent rate may be used when processing your payment.
  • If you have any issues after making payment or need help figuring out the network to select, chat CryptoBoss on Whatsapp. To make your question easier, send a screenshot of the wallet you are using, showing the funds you wish to withdraw, and help will come your way in less than 30min.
  • If you make a mistake while sending your Binance Coin, and sends a different volume, chat CryptoBoss immediately to rectify the issue for you.
  • For detailed tutorial on how to buy or sell any coin, click on GET HELP

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How do you sell BNB?
How do you sell BNB?
How do you sell BNB?
How do you sell BNB?
How do you sell BNB?
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